Monday, October 18, 2010

Alternative State Of Shock

Photographed By: Elvira Gligoric
Make-up: Gabriella Mattson
Clothes Provided By: Shock
Styled By: Ellinor Forje

A few years ago, on my way to town, I ran into a girl wearing the most beautiful purple velvet coat. I couldn't place her style. It was alternative, if you will. Interesting. Interesting because she had combined every existing subculture known to man, and made it hers, without fear. One tribe. One girl.

I was informed by the girl in the purple coat, that she had acquired her piece of clothing from a website called, Drac In A Box. She further added that, as much as people would admire her coat, they would never bring themselves to buy anything from the website as it just wasn't them. Goth and morbidity, was just not them.

I got my brother the coolest shirt a couple of years ago. It was light beige-grey in colour, with a penciled sketch of Mickey Mouse in the center. My brother categorically refused, at first, to wear that shirt outside of his four walls. Refused. I believe his exact words were, "I'm not wearing a shirt that has Mickey Mouse on it." I was paralyzed. My cartoon-loving brother, who loved "The Lion King" and hated "The Return Of Jafar" - felt that he was too cool for Disney. Too cool. I had to challenge him to wear the shirt to work atleast once. Which he did, on a casual Friday. The shirt was loved by all, of course. So from then on, it migrated from his home, to his work, to the club and so forth: Because it had gotten mass approval.

Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood brilliantly draw inspiration for their collections from the streets of London: The streets where the expressionists walk. Then we see them, the clothes, on the runways and in the glossy magazines, and feel that they are "safe" to wear. Forgetting that the inspiration was always there. It was there long before the Olsen twins started wearing the death skull scarfs around theirs necks.

So why hesitate? Be independent and free. Find what you think is not you, then wear it like it's a crown on your head.


  1. Gorgeous photos and the clothes are amazing!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  2. Those are really cool shots.

  3. ELECTRIC BLUE LIPSTICK! i'm in love!

  4. Love your last quote!!!

    Great photos! So alternative, so different, love your idea of inspiration!!! :D

    And I found those pics randomly on
    typed in alice wonderland . ...

  5. Great shots and great advice.....thank you for your lovely comment at French Essence....xv

  6. "Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood brilliantly draw inspiration for their collections from the streets of London: The streets where the expressionists walk...Forgetting that the inspiration was always there. It was there long before the Olsen twins started wearing the death skull scarfs around their necks"

    So true! Something people tend to either forget or conveniently ignore.
    Fantastic photography - you certainly had daring models if they're willing to scale scaffolding just to get a shot!

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog! YOURS is amazing too! I LOVE your photography! Keep up the amaxing work! Keep voting for my entry every day at

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  8. Hi ellinor!! Thanks for visiting my blog!! I loved your pics!!! different to what is seen out there! specially the one with the lady on the bench!!!

    By supporting each other our work will be seen! Congratulations!

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  10. These pics are amazing! Love the style, makeup and settings. The writing though is even more beautiful... true indeed!

  11. Absolutely gorge pictures.

    Thanks for the comment!! <3

  12. your statement about people playing on safe with clothes is total truth. but that's a thing with fashion. fashion means change. and magazines cause that change. for me, those that dress up and don't care if magazines approves it, have style. the rest are just clones.
    great post and great photos!
    you made me think about these things!

  13. Hey! Thanks for visiting my blog, your photos are stunning as well!

  14. great shots and cute blog:))
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  15. Love that blue lipstick and those plaid pants together!

  16. very nice pictures! i love the doc's and the tarten! thanks for stopping by naturalbelle!



  17. Gorgeous photos!

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  18. Cool !!
    very nice pictures :-)

  19. Hey I found you through your comment on

    I had the same experience as your brother, except with a Danger Mouse top. Dangermouse is way cooler than Mickey though...

  20. That last sentence of this post; brilliant. Totally agree with you. And hey, great photos!


  21. Those steel sculptures look pretty cool. They look like they'd be great for parcour!

  22. Thank you for your sweet comment :)
    Your expectations have been awnserd! Here I am! Haha.. :P

    I love thes conventional pictures and you are so true on the be independent and free word!

    Sjanna from wehavebeenexpectingyou
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  23. Hi,
    Thanks for your comment :-)
    Actually your blog is really good, not only for the picture, but for the great stories you write!
    I guess that is what I'm missing....

    Keep up the good job!

  24. Thanks for the comment :)
    Your pictures are awesome!

  25. Your blog is also quite interesting, creative and beautiful. I will visit ever, kisses and obrigado!!

  26. I believe this may be one of the best and most inspiring posts I have ever read. I loved the message and the photographs were great! Thank you for stopping by my blog.
    much blogger love,

  27. I think you are right. Clothes have such a huge impact. It's all about the feeling.

  28. and you have a very cool blog! I do love your style

  29. just visitted drac-in-a-box (*ha! cute name) & would order the Velvet Industrial jacket right now..~ !! joke em if they can't take a f%$k, eh..great post!

  30. i love these photos!
    thanks for checking out my blog, i will definitely be stopping by yours often!

  31. Fantastic images and inspiring, well-written words - me love!

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  32. nicely said.

    thanks for the drac in hat tip, such a fun site.

  33. thank you for commenting on my blog, i love this post - so very true!

  34. This is an amazing post, thats so true what you've said and thats also where bloggers come in and why the style blogger has become so successful because they are the people on the street with the style only made more accessible by being online. Be they street snappers such as The Sartotialist or with blogs focused upon themselves such as Fashiontoast they are still the people who are different, working it on the street that we can now see!

  35. i love what the dude on the bench is wearing!!
    I miss that 90's club kids look so much....

  36. Nicely said, i couldn't agree more.
    Good pictures, and really nice blog :)

  37. I love this entry ellinor :) My clothes also make me the butt of jokes in my circle of friends as well. But I love to dress up and as one fashion blogger said, it's not really to catch's where we're comfortable in :D

  38. I completely agree. I always hate when people say "that looks great on you, but i could never pull it off" It just makes no sense to me. try something different for heaven's sake and stop putting yourself in a box. brilliant post. :]